Going to the market in Charlotte

I’ve noticed these little farmer’s markets popping up around town and at first I was very excited. What’s not to like about a farmer’s market? There is fresh, local produce everywhere and sometimes baked goods. Frequently, they attract artists, musicians and street performers and thus are a great addition to communities. However, I’ve found myself avoiding these places because the goods are too expensive.  Recently I saw one vendor selling a ciabatta bread for $12.00, seriously! The produce, as well, seems a little high compared to the super markets, which is curious since they presumably don’t bear the costs of transporting goods around the world.

I  like  the idea of walking or biking to the market. In the time I’ve spent in New York, Buenos Aires, or even smaller communities, I’ve always enjoyed walking to the market or finding clusters of vendors that  facilitate the shopping process. This is not typical of Charlotte. Granted, many Charlotte neighborhoods have a Harris Teeter or Food Lion and it can be convenient to shop in a big box, or category killer as they like to say, but these establishments rarely have everything you need, and thus I find myself driving across town to another category killer.  Sometimes I prefer the smaller boutique-style experience, especially when there is a sole proprietor or artisan around who is actually invested and cares about the business.