The Artist Habitat: Does Charlotte satisfy?

When I think of the best places for artists to live, Charlotte, North Carolina, does not immediately come to mind. Perhaps that’s because of my art education, which programmed me to regard Paris and New York as the standard, or maybe I’m deluded with romantic notions about artists hanging-out in interesting enclaves that exist beyond the Charlotte pale. Despite my preconceptions, the evidence seems to suggest that Charlotte has become more inspired. For example, with its strip of museums, theaters and galleries, South Tryon Street has become the new Culture Campus. On North Tryon we have the new Carolina Dance Theater and The McColl Center, which claims to be the leading center for the advancement of creativity. Now, we even have a nascent music scene on Seaboard Street. And, of course, we have the Tango scene. However, returning to my delusions for a moment, I would like to suggest a few modifications to the Charlotte culture that would appeal to my artist sensibilities, and my next series of post will address this.