The Water Company 33” x 24.5” Water Colour, Date of creation: 2012, Original Sold | Print Available

This painting was awarded 2nd place in two categories of the international, online art competition, Space, Light, and Time. The awards were 2nd place in the watercolor division and 2nd place in the overall division. The painting depicts The Water Company Palace, located in downtown Buenos Aires. The massive and ornate structure was constructed in 1894, a time when a sanitary public water supply was something to marvel upon. The structure, which is essentially a pump station, is located in the once affluent neighborhood, Balvanera. In order to fit in, and also to emphasize the city’s triumph in public health, it was made to resemble a French Renaissance chateau with distinguishing mansard roofs and 300,000 terra cotta tiles. Studies for this work were produced on location, and the painting was completed in the studio.