24” x 30” Oil on Wood Panel, January 2015, Original Sold | Print Available

In La plata, the capital city of the province, Buenos Aires, located in Argentina, one of my favorite   buildings is Estacion Del Ferrocarril. The building is another example of La Plata’s grand train stations   from Argentina’s Belle Époque. The original train station, Pasaje Dardo Rocha, was damaged by fire at   the end of the 19th century and is now a cultural center (I have danced tango there several times).   Estacion Del Ferrocarril was built in 1906, in a collaborative effort by United States architect, Louis   Newberry Thomas and British architect, Paul Bell Chambers, the structure blends classical elements with   Art Nouveau. Although some of the ornament has been removed, much of it endures, and decorative   ironwork by Andrew Handyside of Britannia Iron Works in Derby, England can be observed throughout   the structure’s roof.  I collected material for my painting on site but the piece was completed in the studio.