An Anonymous Affair 24” x 36” Oil on Canvas December 2013, Original Sold | Print Available

In the work, “An Anonymous Affair”, the commission was to create a portrait that only suggested the identity of the subjects, so painting the faces of the central figures was out of the question. The idea was that only those who are close to the subjects and know their behavior and characteristics could speculate as to the identity of the characters depicted in the painting.

At the time this work was commissioned, the clients were immersed in Argentine Tango. They studied the dance and practiced with vigor. Therefore, it made sense to highlight that part of their life, especially when this artist specializes in translating Tango into two-dimensional works of art. The dance, then, was an ideal way to suggest that this was a painting of the client, but because, in the painting, the subjects are facing away from the viewer, it is impossible to know for sure.